Jason Luke - Founder / Chief Executive

Jason was born and raised in Montpelier, OH. He first developed a passion for roofing when he helped a weekend warrior install shingles during his high school summers. The guys on the crew insisted that the hard work was incentive to go off to college for a degree and never set foot on a ladder again. Jason did end up heading down to Columbus, OH and earned a degree from the Ohio State University. However he decided to major in construction management and was soon back climbing around roofs working for a major roofing contractor in Columbus. Hired on as a sales rep, Jason stuck his nose into every aspect of the business and occupied a range of positions at the company. Sales rep, repair tech, warehouse supervisor, quality control inspector, and production manager were all positions that he excelled at during his time there. Later, Jason worked on the supply side of things at a roofing supply company before finally venturing back home to start Distinctive Roof Services.