Our Mission

At Distinctive Roof Services, our mission is to combine our knowledge and our enthusiasm for roofing to produce a superior product and a lasting impression for our customers.

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We offer a wide variety of roofing services to fit your needs.

Our Philosophy

We love what we do at Distinctive Roof Services and we strive to do it better than the competition. We are always looking for the latest products and practices in the roofing industry. Many in this line of work are resistant to changes and do things because “that is how we have always done it” but not Distinctive Roof Services. Whether it is attending roofing trade shows, taking training classes, or communicating directly with manufacturer reps, we stay on top of what is available and effective for today’s roofing challenges. And since we work with a broad spectrum of systems, we can often create a custom solution for your specific needs. Go ahead and ask questions, we have the answers to provide you with peace of mind that your money is being well spent.