Distinctive Roof Services is your best bet for maintaining your existing roof.


Do you have a problem spot in your roof that leaks every couple years? Chances are that it keeps getting caulked or tarred instead of fixed, let us come out and figure out a permanent solution to the problem. Often times the problem leads back to issues that should have been addressed when the roof was installed.


Is your attic properly vented? Proper ventilation can prevent damaging condensation in the winter and provide energy savings in the summer. Distinctive Roof Services has the technical know how to properly calculate the appropriate vent system for any new or existing roof system.

Algae Wash

Tired of looking at those ugly black stains on your shingles? We can fix that. If your roof is in otherwise good shape, we can clean your shingles and freshen up the appearance of your home. If your roof is older and it is time for a new one any, don’t worry, all of the shingles we install have an algae guard built right in so your new roof will not develop those stains.

Gutter/Roof Cleaning

Leave the climbing to us. We would be glad to clean out your gutters and remove leaves/sticks from your roof. We can even install gutter guards to help keep those gutters clean longer.