Roof Coatings can be a great way to extend the life of your current roof economically. There are many different kinds of roof coatings available and they differ widely in price and effectiveness. There is also a lot of prep work involved in applying coatings that greatly affects how well it will perform. Distinctive Roof Services has the knowledge to determine which product is best for your situation and install it correctly.

Asphalt-based Coatings

This class of coatings are generally silver in color. They have the least amount of flexibility and therefore the shortest lifespan. However they are the cheapest and therefore the most common product used by uneducated roofers.

Acrylic-based Coatings

This class of coating has a high degree of flexibility and a longer lifespan. White is the default color and provides the most energy savings. However, they can be tinted to any color imaginable. (Note: darker colors do tend to fade over time). The biggest drawback is that they do not perform well on flat roofs that might hold water.

Solvent-based Coatings

The premier class of roof coating has the greatest combination of strength and flexibility. White is again the most common color because of energy savings. There are several other colors available and they are fade resistant. The cured coating is impervious to standing water and can be applied to flat roofs with confidence.